“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”
— Albert Schweitzer

Animals in ‘Sports’

Hunting and shooting birds and wild mammals is widely recognised as a cruel ‘sport’. Few, however, realise that fishing is just as cruel. Leading scientists acknowledge that fish do feel pain, stress and fear. Their pain receptors are as highly developed as mammals. Most people would be horrified if a dog were hooked and dragged across the road to be drowned. But this is exactly what people do to fish in the name of sport. Not only is the hooking extremely painful, fish also suffocate slowly when pulled out of the water. Their gills start to collapse and bleed. Besides fish, many birds and mammals also die from injuries caused by lost and discarded hooks, lines and lead weights.

Horse racing is a form of animal exploitation. Many racehorses have been turned into junkies by their trainers and veterinarians, who frequently drug them to keep them on the track even when they aren't fit enough to run. Commonly used drugs are painkillers but don't treat the underlying disorders. Sometimes, drugged horses are forced to race with hairline fractures. Young horses are often made to run before their bones have fully matured. Injuries, lameness and death on the track are common. Horses that fail to bring in winnings are rewarded with an unceremonious early death, and their flesh is rendered into dog food or glue.

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