“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”
— Albert Schweitzer


On supermarket shelves, we see only the shiny, smooth eggs in little stacked trays. We do not see the incredible cruelty of the egg factories, with five or more hens crammed into a cage in which even one hen can't comfortably stretch her wings. They live uncomfortably on slanted wire meshes covered with their own manure as well as manure that drips down on them from the cages above. Some farms prevent them pecking each other by chopping off their beaks in a de-beaking machine. Many lose their faces in the process. Sick, featherless and unable to stand on the brittle bones, they live as egg-laying machines. Since only female chicks are of use for egg-laying, male chicks are killed outright, by being thrown into bags or rubbish bins to suffocate or are ground up or crushed whilst still alive.

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