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Blackfish Exclusive Movie Screening!


‘If you were in a bathtub for 25 years, don’t you think you’ll get a little psychotic?’

Come join us for the one-time exclusive premiere of Blackfish, and raise funds for ACRES at the same time! Do click HERE for more details.


End Animal Cruelty Campaign

On behalf of the Animals and all of us at ACRES, we would like to thank all our supporters, vendors, and volunteers who have been a part of our END ANIMAL CRUELTY Campaign!

It was truely an experience for us holding our first ever carnival, with the happy faces and smiles all round (even from the animals that were there!) spurring us on in our collective bid to end the cruelty!

A special 'Thank you!!' goes out to all our volunteers who tirelessly swept through the whole of Singapore to spread the news about our wildlife and to raise money for them too! Good job guys!

Not forgetting our online donors and fundraisers who, despite their busy lives, contributed whatever they could through our online platforms!

Also a special shoutout to our runners who donned the ACRES bibs and ran their own races for the animals! Bravo!

The money raised will be channeled to the sick and injured animals that we rescue every single day, the education of students in schools and even the public on humane living and wildlife protection, and finally, to crack down on the illigal and cruel wildlife trade in Singapore.

With this, from all of us here in ACRES (including our resident animals, injured or recuperating fellows), and from the wildlife in Singapore, a huge and sincere THANK YOU!


Wildlife Warriors

On the 17th August 2014, Ladies from different backgrounds decided to join ACRES in our bid to end animal cruelty. Together they ran to help raise awareness for ACRES, in conjunction with our ACRES Flag Day 2014.

Their efforts of raising awareness did pay off when two more enthusiastic ladies decided to join the current 5 for the next woman's run, the Great Eastern Woman's Run in Novermber 2014.

This marks the creation of our first ever, ACRES Wildlife Warriors Team! Originally consisting of solely ACRES staff, we now have awesome runners who share the same love for the animals around us, that want to spread the word that we humans can live happy lives with our friends from the wild.

Anyone can join the ACRES Wildlife Warriors Team! Just drop a mail to Sabrina at sabrina@acres.org.sg and lets start running together!

Running is a metaphor of life and there is no better way to provide the animals with a voice by helping to create awareness. We are all one community – us, the environment and the animals.



Thanks to the Nparks officers at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, who spotted a fully grown Water Monitor lizard, with a fishing line dangling from the mouth, the hook lodged inside the mouth. "Sal", as we named him or her was handed over to us by the park officers to attempt and remove the hook. Upon examination, we found that the hook was too deep, slightly lodged further down the throat.

The routine methods of removal failed to work, and any further probing may threaten Sal's survival in the wild. The line was fully removed to prevent inflammation to the jaws and we handed Sal back to the officers for release.We hope like our resident Pig-nosed turtle Captain Hook whose hook was also impossible to remove, was passed out after 2 years at ACRES! We wish all the best for Sal!

Please give a rescued wild animal a second chance at life. Find out more here.



For as little as $1 a day, you can be directly responsible for giving a rescued animal a chance at a happy and healthy life. Among the many residents we have at the AWRC, choose to sponsor between Spongebob the Star Tortoise, Cyclops the Pig-Nosed Turtle, Stubby the Ball Python or Kanmani the Green Iguana!

Give a rescued wild animal a second chance at life. Find out more here.

Help save the surviving dolphins at Resorts World Sentosa


One more wild-caught dolphin that Resorts World acquired for their marine life park attraction has died. The death toll - so far - is 4 dolphins.

Please don’t let Wen Wen and the other dolphins die in vain.

Please take action now to help the remaining 23 dolphins. Join our call to send them back to the wild www.saddestdolphins.com

Now Hiring

Ask Resorts World to send the dolphins home!


Visit the brand new campaign website here to watch and share our latest campaign video, and for more ways to help the dolphins.

Join the ACRES team!

We’re looking for passionate individuals to join our team!

More details here.