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This 27th April 2014, 5 representatives from ACRES will be channelling their passion for running towards a good cause at the RUN350 event. Sabrina, Zhi Wei and Samuel will be running the 21km Half Marathon while Jocelyn and Kelvin will be running the 10km race. Together they will be running to help fundraise for ACRES.

Running is a metaphor of life. Runners run for various reasons and causes. And there is no better way to provide the animals with a voice by helping to create awareness. We are all one community – us , environment and animals.

Show your support for our 5 runners as they race through different running categories. Help us to help the animals in need by donating to this cause!

Support this exciting new project here.

Asia for Animals Conference 2014


The Asia for Animals Conference has finally drawn to a close, and was a huge success!

We are delighted that Mr. K Shanmugam, Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law, graced the opening of the conference as the Guest of Honour.

Opinions were exchanged, ideas were shared, and more importantly, the fight for animal welfare has made great strides through this conference.

One highlight was Megan's keynote speech during the opening ceremony. This plucky 10 year old touched many hearts when she stood in front of over 350 guests and members of the media, to share her passion and commitment to help.

Together with her parents, Megan has designed and printed notebooks with 4 different illustrations. These notebooks are printed by A' Zone Corporation, and are 100% eco-friendly.

Grab yours today at the ACRES SHOP, or at one of our upcoming roadshows!



Thanks to the Nparks officers at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, who spotted a fully grown Water Monitor lizard, with a fishing line dangling from the mouth, the hook lodged inside the mouth. "Sal", as we named him or her was handed over to us by the park officers to attempt and remove the hook. Upon examination, we found that the hook was too deep, slightly lodged further down the throat.

The routine methods of removal failed to work, and any further probing may threaten Sal's survival in the wild. The line was fully removed to prevent inflammation to the jaws and we handed Sal back to the officers for release.We hope like our resident Pig-nosed turtle Captain Hook whose hook was also impossible to remove, was passed out after 2 years at ACRES! We wish all the best for Sal!

Please give a rescued wild animal a second chance at life. Find out more here.



For as little as $1 a day, you can be directly responsible for giving a rescued animal a chance at a happy and healthy life. Among the many residents we have at the AWRC, choose to sponsor between Spongebob the Star Tortoise, Cyclops the Pig-Nosed Turtle, Stubby the Ball Python or Kanmani the Green Iguana!

Give a rescued wild animal a second chance at life. Find out more here.

Help save the surviving dolphins at Resorts World Sentosa


One more wild-caught dolphin that Resorts World acquired for their marine life park attraction has died. The death toll - so far - is 3 dolphins.

Please don’t let Wen Wen and the other 2 dolphins die in vain.

Please take action now to help the remaining 24 dolphins. Join our call to send them back to the wild www.saddestdolphins.com

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Ask Resorts World to send the dolphins home!


Visit the brand new campaign website here to watch and share our latest campaign video, and for more ways to help the dolphins.

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